I Began to Understand why Cancer patients Use medical marijuana.

I could never really see why people thought marijuana was something they would want to use.

I couldn’t deal with the odor or the taste.

Since I grew up in the sixties, I knew quite a bit about marijuana plus I used it a time or two. I wasn’t a single of those kids who smoked all the time, but I had my times. I just couldn’t see anything about marijuana that made me feel better. The best I ever got was kind of goofy. Ever since I had been getting cancer treatments, I have been struggling with tolerating nausea. At first, I continued to bear with it plus I swore it would get better. I was not right about the nausea getting better. The nausea continued to get worse, which I doubted could happen, I finally confessed to the doctor that I couldn’t handle too much more nausea and vomiting. I was sick all the time, plus I had no energy. I was losing weight way too fast, plus I was getting weaker. My family concerned that if I didn’t get some nutrients in my system, I would find myself getting IVs in the hospital. The doctor recommended I give marijuana therapy a go. He said that marijuana was often used to stave off the nausea that is part of cancer treatments. He helped me to get a medical marijuana card so I could go to the marijuana dispensary to easily purchase marijuana. I could get space cake plus other edibles instead of the smokable marijuana, and I soon became grateful for the medical marijuana. For the first time in a long time, I was feeling more prefer my old self thanks to the marijuana that allowed me to be less sick feeling.

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