I Never Knew about Medical marijuana Before

I took a little time off with my son, his wife, plus their son.

The people I was with and I were on vacation for a full week, plus I had a wonderful time, however there were some things I didn’t like at all.

Their child was using marijuana the whole time every one of us were there. They told me that the marijuana was medical marijuana, but I didn’t agree. Whenever I saw him, he was sucking on his vape pen, or puffing on a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. The odor alone was enough to make me want to vomit up my lunch. If I saw him outside on the patio, I scurried back to my room. I adore my grandson, however this was a side of him I had never at all been aware of. I knew he worked a lot of long minutes. He was doing an internship with a professional hockey team. He was also going to get his master’s degree in recreation management. My grandson worked twelve months a year, 7days a week, and ten hours every day. He said he had a hard time sleeping when he actually had time to catch his z’s. He was just not able to turn off his day and get to sleep. With the help of medical marijuana, he could turn off the day plus really prefer it when he had the time off. I wondered if he had a medical marijuana card? My son informed me that in our state you no longer need to have a medical marijuana card. Anyone can now go into a marijuana dispensary plus legally purchase medical marijuana products. Self medication seemed to be no big deal in their state, because I saw people puffing on marijuana cigarettes all over the place.

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