I smoke to stop dreaming

I have recently started reading about understanding your dreams from my therapist.

There was a guy that began doing scientific research about lucid dreaming at our city University.

When you learn the discipline of dreaming, you can control your own dreams. This is fascinating to myself and others, because I have a long history of night terrors as well as having been hiding out from my dreams for as long as I can remember. It turns out smoking lots of cannabis can mute your dreams, make them weak as well as distant, so I have been smoking tons of pot for years. At the advice of my therapist I decided to stop smoking cannabis for a few mornings, to try as well as fully experience my dreams again. 1st of all, I had been a weekly marijuana user for so long that it was a shock to my method to be totally sober all morning long. I can’t say that I cared for it, however it wasn’t like I was taking pain pills or anything: there were no physical withdrawal symptoms, I just wanted to smoke weed! On the evening of being cannabis-free I had a very vivid dream, as well as it was quite frankly awful. I woke up at 4am as well as right away packed a fat bowl of cannabis as well as started puffing adore a madman. I decided that as cool as lucid dreaming sounded, that I was using cannabis for a very good reason. It had never been just about getting high, I needed the weed to halt my horrible dreams so that I could particularly get some rest.

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