Medical marijuana is cheaper, thanks to allowing recreational

Five years ago, voters on this day overwhelmingly decided to vote in favor of legalizing medical marijuana.

After medical marijuana was legalized, I went to a specialist so I could obtain a card that would allow me to buy marijuana from a legal dispensary.

Last year, the voters agreed that recreational & medical marijuana should be available to all the people in the state. When recreational marijuana was legalized, a lot of things changed. The number of dispensaries has doubled in a single year, but permits for medical & recreational marijuana dealers have doubled in a single year. Thanks to the addition of recreational weed, medical cannabis is now much cheaper. Since all the people can buy marijuana, there is no reason to have a medical card unless you are a true medical patient. There are some perks to having a medical marijuana card, though. I get first option in the event of a plant shortage & I don’t have to spend money any additional state or local taxes on purchases. This saves about 30% on every single order. Since there are a number of people using marijuana, the selection has also doubled. The medical marijuana dispensary used to carry about 200 unusual items. Since marijuana was legalized for recreational use, the dispensary definitely has twice that amount. It seems love each & every week, there is something new to display. Every supplier offers new items to showcase their top strains & blends. The amount of cannabis farms in the northern section of the state is equal to the amount of farmers with agricultural crops love grapes, corn, artichokes, or almonds.

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