More output

Out here in the country, you need to do things for yourself; I am still a city boy at heart, so I will drive to the nearest area as well as go to the store as well as hardware shopping once a week (weather allowing it, of course).

A lot of my buddies don’t want to make the multiple hour round trip to get to the nearest town, so they grow as well as hunt their own food as much as possible.

I very much admire the Indian spirit in these people, so I like living here. I trade with a lot of the locals, from my cannabis plants, which is the other reason I like residing out here. As much as I loved the town life, there was simply never enough room for my weed operation, as well as now I have the entire outdoors at my disposal! My closest neighbors are several acres away, as well as much to my surprise they are all fine with my marijuana grow. Much like I do, these people see the good value in cannabis as well as hemp, as well as sometimes make trades with myself and others for their own products. I am never hoping for meat, eggs, milk, or fresh fruit, because my neighbors are glad to trade for some of my cannabis! I swear to you, never before have I cared less about the dealer of growing marijuana, because I am just passionate about country life! That said, the dealer is going wonderful, because my marijuana crops have never been healthier or more voluminous. My added output is leading to record profits, which means I may be able to retire from the maruijuana dealer sooner rather than later.