My card wouldn't work in the atm

I stopped at the recreational cannabis store near me so I could pick up some supplies for the weekend.

  • My girlfriend was coming to visit for the weekend and I wanted to pick up something special.

I stopped at the recreational cannabis store near me because they have a sale every Friday afternoon. I picked up some marijuana flower and a bag of edible cookies. I also bought a new glass bowl. The total for my order was $145. I planned to take cash out of the ATM, because the dispensary does not allow ATM or credit cards for purchases. I tried to put my card in the ATM, but it kept saying it was denied. I checked the account balance on my telephone at the same exact time and it showed $860 in the bank. There was no reason for the ATM to give false information. I had to leave the recreational dispensary near me and go to a gas station to use the ATM. I had to pay a fee to the gas station and I had to put myself in a risky Covid situation using the ATM and going into the store. When I came back through the door with the cash, there was a sign on the ATM that said not working. The manager apologized for the mixup and she gave me a free pre rolled marijuan cigarette for the trouble. It was a nice way to say I’m sorry, so I picked out a one gram distillate infused joint. I smoked that in the car, before I even left the parking lot.

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