My Little One Get three Marijuana Drops a Day

When my little one was born, she was born with a condition that caused her to have convulsions.

Her condition was so bad that she was having 2 to many seizures every day.

As the intensity plus frequency became greater, so did the doctor’s worry over her having brain concerns. He said the seizures could cause the brain to loosen, the same as it would with shaken baby syndrome. My husband and I tried different medication, plus she was in the hospital for several weeks as they ran all kinds of tests. I talked to the doctor when he said about medication. I was scared about safety plus how they were going to affect her. My doctors were keen that we try marijuana therapy on her. By this time, she was not yet even a year old, so I was naturally concerned about marijuana at her age. He said it was to be a small amount, just marijuana drops, actually, however it could help her control the seizures. I was hesitant to provide my baby even small drops of marijuana, plus I vacillated back plus forth about whether or not I should. The doctor then told me there was a type of surgery she could get when she was around five or six. He was hoping she would outgrow the seizures, but he wasn’t positive that she would. The surgery would be permanent, however the marijuana would help the situation until she could either outgrow the seizures or have surgery. That is when we began medical marijuana.

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