Saying Good Morning is a Big Deal for Me

It wasn’t an instantaneous cure, however it helped

I have been anxious for quite some time now. The anxiety is getting so bad now that I am afraid of even stepping foot outside. I worry about everything plus I’m not sure if it is safe for me to go anywhere at all. I don’t prefer it when people look at me, plus I want to run away. I worry about whether someone is going to hurt me. I don’t even want to hear someone say good morning. I knew I was going to drive myself totally crazy, but I couldn’t help it. It all started when my cousin was killed in a road rage incident, plus it is just getting worse as time goes on. I talked to a psychoanalyst, plus he told me that all I needed was time. I needed to get over the trauma in due time, but I didn’t feel how. He tried to get me join others in a group therapy and support group, but I just couldn’t because I would have had to leave the home to do this. Since my best friend was the only a single I allowed in my house, my doctor talked to my friend. The doctor explained to my friend that he thought with the help of medical marijuana, I may be able to realign my thinking. Instead of antidepressants which could make my condition worse, I was going to be trying therapy via marijuana. The doctor suggested I use marijuana edibles instead of inhaling the marijuana. It wasn’t an instantaneous cure, however it helped. Within a quarter of a year, I was taking small trips outside with my best friend. I was talking to people plus I could sometimes even say good morning.



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