The medical dispensary is actually weird than home

My partner accepted a new temporary task and both of us had to transport across the country for a 6-week period.

I wasn’t happy to pack up our cabin and I wasn’t happy about moving to a state that didn’t have legal recreational cannabis, then i have a medical recommendation, however I knew it was going to be much more tough to find cannabis since it wasn’t recreational legal, but a few afternoons after our partner and I moved, I started looking for the closest shop. I had several afternoons of supply oh, however I didn’t want to run out. About 15 miles away from our new site, I found a medical dispensary. They didn’t offer delivery services, so I went to the cannabis shop one day when our partner was at work, however the medical dispensary is actually weird from home; First, the vibe inside of the store isn’t fun or relaxing. That’s one of our number one reasons to go to the store instead of getting delivery… Everyone is usually upbeat and happy. This place seemed more care about a nurses’ office or a morgue… Nobody was happy or smiling. When I was called back to the dispensary area, I wasn’t allowed to touch anything. They wouldn’t open the jars so I could view the product either. It wasn’t an superb experience and the prices were three times higher than I was paying at home. Thank goodness the assignment our partner took was only 6 weeks long. I didn’t want to stay there one day longer than both of us needed to. I was packed and ready to go the day after our partner finished the task.

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