The website was offline for hours

Over the past six months, the owner of this cannabis shop has been working with a graphic designer to launch a brand new website for the store.

  • The old website for the cannabis shop did not have an online order system.

When we decided to start offering delivery in our cannabis shop, it was necessary to launch a brand new website. The owner has experienced a couple of problems with the new graphic design team. They haven’t been able to meet deadlines on time and they are extremely difficult to reach. On Monday morning, a customer called because the website was offline. She was trying to make an online order for cannabis supplies, but the website was completely offline. I tried the website from the store computer and I got an error message. I decided to call the web design company. The phone rang for 5 minutes and no one picked up. I didn’t get any voicemail either. I didn’t have much luck calling the store owner either. I didn’t know what to tell the customer when she called later that day. I also received several additional calls from other store customers. With no one to offer any help or answers, I was forced to take phone orders. I also offered our customers a discount since the online website was not available. We might have lost a ton of sales that night, but I did the best I could given the drastic and terrible situation. The website was offline the entire day and nobody bothered to return my calls until the next day.

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