Trying to get cannabis ready

I don’t know what it’s like in your area, but around here the social distance is coming back in a hard way, the group of us thought that COVID was in the backroads, but it turns out it was just getting into a faster lane to overtake us! I blame all the people who refused to get a free vaccination, that would have saved a lot of trouble.

Now I have to go back to wearing a mask, I am very cautious in public, as well as preparing for another full-scale lockdown, then at least this time I know what to expect, so I can stock up on cannabis as well as clean water.

Yeah, you heard myself and others right — cannabis as well as bottled water, in that order of importance .If I run out of bottle water I can typically drink from the tap, right, but I can’t just turn on a faucet as well as have weed come out of it, but one morning I unquestionably would like to have a few cannabis plants of my own, but I think I will wait until the laws change a little bit more, however growing marijuana is a lot more publicly visible than having a little case of it in your garage. As I said, I am very mindful, that means both with my health as well as with breaking the law, because cannabis laws around here are a little interesting. There are a few cannabis dispensaries however they are tightly lawed, and growing your own stash is still not allowed, and for stocking up on cannabis I need to go off the books, as well as find an independent dealer.

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