All I’ve been hearing about is medical marijuana business permit services.

I have wanted to open a marijuana dispensary for several years now.

I thought I could open the dispensary now and only sell CBD products.

By the time medical marijuana was legalized, I would already have an established business that people know and trust. Now medical marijuana has been instituted and I’m hearing that I need a permit to establish a business to sell medical marijuana. I am totally confused, and I don’t know which way to turn. If iit is because I need to know the laws, I will gladly take a class. What I don’t understand is that every time I search for how to obtain my business permit for medical marijuana, I come across medical marijuana business permit services. Is this something the state offers? If it is, I would think it would be free. I have a feeling that the state is contracting to other companies that can handle the business side of medical marijuana dispensaries. They probably have a bunch of lawyers sitting around and opening consulting businesses and telling people like me what I already know. I understand the necessity of a permit to sell medical marijuana. I understand that it is important to have all of my workers bonded. I can learn all of this from the state’s website and newsletters. Why do I need to pay a medical marijuana business permit services company to apply for the permit for me? This whole consulting business jargon sounds like a waste of time and money to me. Put the information online. Make the medical marijuana dispensary owners pay to take the test, and if we fail, we fail. It won’t be a waste of my time or money.
marijuana dispensary application preparation service