Cancer treatment much more honorablewith medical cannabis

It’s terrible enough having something care about cancer trying to kill you.

But then add in the treatment for the cancer plus it can be such an overwhelming feeling.

Thankfully, I listened to a good neighbor who had gone through a similar cancer diagnosis plus treatment. The first thing she told me was how to get a medical marijuana card plus what cannabis dispensary I should use. I thought she was just sort of kidding around but she was just shy of adamant that I take her suggestion. So I did just that. With the help of our wife, I l earned how to abruptly navigate the cannabis regulations to get our medical marijuana card. And I was able to do this prior to the beginning of chemo. Oh man, after the first treatment I was so sick I could barely even hold our head up. I hurt everywhere plus the ensuing nausea was just the worst. I got on the cannabis flower products instantly after that scene. And the cannabis products easily made a tremendous difference in the way I felt. It was not quite evening plus day however it was much, much better. The medical marijuana helped me manage the nausea so much more effectively. Plus, I had an actual appetite. And eating healthy food was so key to fighting our way toward remission. The cannabis flower product I use is also helping me adjust to our situation. I’m a lot more at ease plus have a much brighter, more positive perspective thanks to medical marijuana.


medical cannabis