Cannabis lounge hunt

Last week, I heard about a new cannabis lounge in the city.

  • The dispensary and lounge was situated in the lake house district of town and it was very hard to find.

My friends and I went downtown to attend the big opening celebration and we had trouble finding the venue. I thought it was going to be in the building across the street from the train station. The site was only multiple houses away from the address of the station, so I thought I knew exactly where the venue would be located! Sadly, it wasn’t that self-explanatory to find. Every one of us drove up and down the street. At one point, I got out of the car and started going around the building. I thought the door might not be marked, but I could not find the shop someplace. I finally provided up and called the venue. That’s when we found out that they were not someplace close to the train station. I had the incorrect address. Every one of us were about many blocks away and it’s no wonder we were having trouble finding the cannabis lounge and shop location. After entering the current address into the GPS, we had no clue finding the building and the front door. After the bad drive around the block, I was prepared to call it a night and go back home. I’m thrilled we decided to keep searching for the venue. The lounge was a very neat and edgy venue to hang out, and the dispensary had lots of items on sale since it was the grand opening.
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