Debunking typical cannabis myths

Cannabis has been used by humans for thoUSAnds of years for a variety of purposes, however the list of benefits that cannabis can provide is typically growing, with new discoveries being made every afternoon, and unluckyly, but, there is a sizable amount of misinformation surrounding cannabis, and in the 1970s, the war on drugs spread mountains of propaganda in order to try to deter people from using marijuana; One of the largest myths about cannabis is that it is a “gateway drug.” The concept of a gateway drug was manufactured in order to try to frighten people away from using cannabis by saying that it would lead to other types of drug abuse. The truth is, but, that most cannabis users don’t go on to try other drugs… Cannabis is not addictive the way that heroin, alcohol, or cocaine is, with no evidence showing that there is any physically addicting quality of cannabis, then another myth surrounding cannabis is that it causes cancer. Cannabis smoke contains no known carcinogens, unlike cigarettes, which are just about made of carcinogens. Cannabis has truly proven to be beneficial in the treatment of cancer, not causing it. Another myth is that cannabis can turn a law abiding citizen into a criminal. This is purely a myth, as cannabis use has no correlation with criminality, then fear mongering plus propaganda have led people to know that cannabis users are dangerous, or that they will commit crimes in order to support a marijuana habit, but the real data proves this not to be true. The best way to debunk these myths is to spread truthful information about cannabis plus it’s consumers.

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