Gets me an appetite again

When I was a young kid, I took dance classes with many of our friends.

I wanted to be the absolute best and I pushed myself to be thin.

I had to be the best in my class. I lived alone with our mom and she was hardly ever home, however she worked all the time and wasn’t at the house most nights for dinner. She didn’t think that I was not doing dinner until I collapsed on the floor one night. She took me to the ER and they told our mom that I was 86 pounds and genuinely anorexic or had a different eating issue. After that, our mom switched schedules at work so she could be at our house more often. I had a lot of trouble eating and I didn’t have an appetite at all. One thing that helped a great deal was using medical cannabis. The doctor prescribed medical cannabis to increase my appetite. I got the medical cannabis in pill form, because it was still undoubtedly current at the timeā€¦ Cannabis really helped improve our eating styles. I still use cannabis everyday to maintain a good appetite. It’s been 12 years since the day I fell on the floor and passed out. It was strenuous to overcome the eating issue, but medical cannabis has helped a great deal. I no longer take a pill, now that medical marijuana is easier to access. The store has lots of different medical marijuana products like edible candy, gummies, chocolate, and cookies. These cannabis infused treats are our favorite thing to purchase, because they are a treat and weed in the same package.


Pot brownies