I found a receipt from a cannabis dispensary in my sons pocket

I was worried that my kids would turn to drugs one day, especially after marijuana was legalized in this state for recreational use.

There are pot dispensaries all over the city, especially near the area where my family lives.

My husband and I have three boys and one of them is a senior in high school this year. He has excellent grades and a high GPA. He plays after school sports in the spring and is a member of the marching band. Jack makes good decisions usually, which is one reason why I was stunned to find a receipt from a cannabis dispensary in his pocket. The receipt was for a cash payment totalling $122. The items on the tickets were all edible cannabis items. I called the cannabis dispensary and demanded some answers, but they didn’t have any information to give me. They could have helped an angry and upset mother, but they cited privacy laws and getting a warrant. When Jack came home from school, I grilled him about the cannabis receipt. He tried to tell us that he picked up the piece of paper from the ground while out walking the dogs last night. We didn’t buy that excuse. I’m sure he is hiding something, even if he won’t tell us the truth. He must have a fake ID. Next weekend, Jack is going skiing with some friends and I plan to snoop through his room to get some more information. If he is hiding something, I’m going to find out about it and put an end to the trouble.


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