I left work early after there was no people

When I went to work on Wednesday, the cannabis dispensary wasn’t very busy; Six people were scheduled to work during the afternoon.

At 11 am, I was standing around with nothing to do, however the boss came out from the office and offered to let someone go home.

I wanted to say sure, however I needed the hours on my paycheck. My car payment is due in a couple of weeks, then one of my co-workers decided to go home early. It was a Wednesday and both of us were short that business would eventually option up. At 2, the cannabis dispensary was still empty and the A/C stopped working. It wasn’t blowing cold air out of the air ducts. It started getting very warm inside of the building. The manager grabbed a couple of fans from the office and placed them around the building. The fans didn’t help much at all and the room continued to get warmer, then when my boss offered to send someone else home, I put my hand high up in the air, car payment or not, I was uncomfortable and ready to go home for the afternoon. I wasn’t the only person to raise my hand and the manager made us draw straws to see which one of us would get to go home first. I didn’t win the contest and I was forced to work the rest of my shift in the heat and humidity. The problem still wasn’t fixed when I left and the manager was starting to get angry. I am glad I wasn’t working the night shift at the cannabis dispensary as well.
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