Less anxious now that I have access to medical marijuana shop

They call it anxiety and depression.

I call it my life.

This combination is something that I have had to deal with for my entire life. And it’s no picnic that’s for sure. Still, this is my life and I want to live to the best of my ability. But my anxiety really kept that from happening for much of my life. However, medical marijuana is helping me discover a person that I have always wanted to be. It all started out when I just happened to stop by a series of cannabis dispensary events. I heard about it on the radio and one of the things touted was help with anxiety. And anxiety is the main driver of my problems. The depression I experience comes from all the anxiety I feel in my life. And the anxiety was just everywhere before I found medical cannabis. I have been on prescription meds since I was a teenager. It’s sort of been a merry go round effect with the meds. They work a bit and for a bit. Then they don’t. Then, I get put on something else and the same dance ensues. Well that all changed when I figured out how to get a medical marijuana card. My therapist was actually instrumental in helping me get to the medical marijuana shop. I was a bit skeptical because I didn’t want to feel weird and paranoid due to the cannabis products. But what I found was the complete opposite. The cannabis flower product simply lifts all this needless worry and anxiety right out of my life. So I am able to manage my life in a way that I have never been able to before my introduction to medical marijuana.
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