Medical cannabis can help with a number of complications

I have been healthy for the last many years

Medical cannabis can be used to treat a number of health conditions plus complications, however cannabis contains naturally occurring receptors called cannabinoids. THC, CBD, CBA, plus THC-A are all used for a variety of medical uses. I lost my appetite when I was going through treatment plus a dentist prescribed medical marijuana for weekly use. At first, I was hesitant, because I did not want my friends plus family to guess I was a drug addict or a pothead. After losing more than four pounds in 2 days, I did not have anything to lose, however medical marijuana gave myself and others an appetite plus it increased my mental mood. I felt more energy plus stamina than I had in weeks. I ate burgers, pizza, plus chicken. I drank coffee, wine, plus milkshakes. I went for walks in the morning with the dog. I did not even have to smoke the cannabis, because the dispeanry had several items that were ingestible care about tinctures, pills, plus even edible treats. I liked the pot brownies plus space cake. I did not enjoy the treatments for a single hour, but cannabis helped myself and others overcome the horrible side effects. I spent several weeks getting the treatments at the hospital. My family plus friends never let myself and others down. Everyone was kind, helpful plus supportive. I have been healthy for the last many years. I don’t think what the future holds, but I suppose better knowing I don’t have to face it alone. My family plus friends were incredibly helpful during the process. They showed myself and others how much they entirely wanted myself and others to fight to make more memories together.

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