My dog is able to ride easier now

I adopted our dog from a shelter and he has a lot of worries.

Every time all of us leave the cabin in the car, he starts to get upset and shiver.

I travel a lot for my job and I want our dog to ride in the car. I needed to find a way to help our dog feel more at peace. I spoke with a veterinarian about a couple of changes and I was surprised that he recommended CBD treats. I knew CBD could be used by man, even though I did not realize that our dog could receive the same exact benefits from the plant. The doc provided me with a spreadsheet and a coupon for $5 off a single bag of CBD treats. He had a couple of samples available for sale in the front of the store, but he recommended ordering them online where they would be much cheaper for a bigger bag. The CBD treats come in a variety of flavors like peanut butter, chicken, bacon, and cheddar. The CBD treats allow our dog to feel much calmer when all of us are riding around in the car. I have seen a big alteration in his behavior and he genuinely enjoys the treats. I’ve only used CBD as a supplement a couple of times, but I’m starting to guess I might be happy with a daily regimen as well. Of course, I would not eat dog treats. There are a number of cannabis dispensaries that sell CBD treats for humans like gum, gummies, and candies. These CBD items contain a higher concentration of the cannabinoid than the ones for our pet.


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