Smoking at the movies

I take our kids to the motion pictures on Wednesdays.

  • The Dipson Theater has multiple dollar motion pictures on those days and they regularly show new releases.

It’s a wonderful deal for a single mother with many children. I still spend 40 bucks, because the kids want popcorn, popcorn, and pop. Every one of us regularly have a great time, and it’s perfect for days when the weather is too hot or rainy to spend the day outside, and last Wednesday, it was a dark and gloomy day and the whole sky was filled with clouds. It seemed like the perfect day for a day movie. I packed up the kids after breakfast and we headed over to the theater. It was a slow drive, because of many crashes on the road. The kids and I picked out some popcorn and headed into the Dipson Theater. Every one of us sat down in the last row of the middle section, and we had the perfect seats. When the lights went down, I saw a glowing yellow light in the row in front of our seats. Then I started to smell cannabis. The kids smelled the peculiar and pungent odor as well. My child thought someone tooted, but I knew that odor was stinky, sweet cannabis. I haven’t used cannabis since class, but there is no way to miss the odor. I coughed a couple of times, hoping the lady would stop smoking the marijuana product. I finally went to the usher and made a complaint. The usher couldn’t push anyone out of the theater, although she did sit at the end of the row for the rest of the show. We never smelled marijuana again.


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