The CDB option exists, too

I thought the only locale you could purchase legal CBD was in a pharmacy or online.

It wasn’t until our Dad got her medical marijuana card that I suddenly realized you could also buy CBD in a marijuana store. jAfter getting a state identification card so I could purchase medical marijuana for our mom, I was suddenly able to go into the marijuana store plus browse. I could only purchase our mom’s prescribed marijuana products, but I was able to look at the CBD that was on tables plus shelves in the shop. Since CBD was legal in our state, I was able to add CBD products to the order online without anyone questioning me. If I weren’t mom’s medical marijuana proxy, I easily would not be able to get into the marijuana store, plus I would not have known they ever sold CBD in a marijuana store. I didn’t want to use medical marijuana, but I did certainly want to try CBD. I’m getting older plus I am start to have aches plus pains. I thought that there was a way, if I tried CBD creams, I may get some relief for our knees plus shoulders. I finally discovered a CBD roll-on that I really liked. You simply rolled the roller over the most painful specific area, plus allowed the liquid to dry. It had a scent to it that I really liked plus it helped with our pain. I told my mom that she wasn’t the only one going to shop at the marijuana store. She gave me an odd look plus then laughed when I showed the pain roll-on, that was infused with CBD.

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