The pains will cease if you try this

When our poor old mom came to the loft from the hospital, she was in a lot of pain.

It was terrible enough that she had the terrible pain of having open heart surgery, but since she wasn’t walking as much, her arthritis was causing her a lot of pain; Tylenol was taking the edge off the pain, but not enough to make her plenty comfortable getting up out of her charge plus walking as the dentist ordered.

I asked our family pharmacist what I could get for her, that would not interfere with her usual heart medications. The pharmacist was hesitant to deliver me any information, plus that’s exactly when I noticed they had CBD products on the counter. I picked up some pretty CBD multi-flavored gummies plus a bottle of CBD tincture in greenberry flavor that mother could put under tongue. The pharmacist smiled when I made the purchase. I took our handful of CBD products to the loft , plus took them out of the bag. I showed what I had purchased plus that I thought it would help with the arthritis pain. I promised to her that it didn’t have any marijuana THC in it, but only the CBD that helped with pain. She quickly tried the gummies plus later that night she put some CBD tincture under her tongue before bed. When she woke up in the day, she said she had slept better than she had in weeks, and right away she asked if she could have another gummy after dinner so she could go for a walk outside. The CBD made things much better plus she was finally starting to heal since she could walk around.


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