The quality of vapable cannabis oils ranges too much across the spectrum

Last month I was able to visit our best neighbor Johnny out in the Pacific Northwest.

He has a attractive home that he purchased with his wife Marissa. The multiple of them are successful realtors & made a name for themselves selling houses in an up & coming neighborhood in what was once just their hometown. Now it is a bustling neighborhood with an changing population & Johnny & Marissa are swamped with work. Their company grew from a several-person operation into a full fledged corporation with over 20 employees. Their home is near the coast where you can see substantial cliff sides & mountains. It’s a gorgeous location to spend a few afternoons relaxing. One of the best parts about visiting them is the recreational cannabis legalization that took effect this year. Anyone over 21 can purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary in the state. In our state you have to possess a medical marijuana card to shop at dispensaries. Now that I can compare the vapable cannabis distillate oils, I am amazed at the substantial jump in quality here in the Pacific Northwest. I had no plan that cannabis oils could be this good! The flavor is amazing & the effects linger for hours. Lucky for me, the dispensary was having a sale on distillate oil so I stocked up & purchased around six grams in little glass syringes. I purchased multiple sativa strains, multiple hybrids, & multiple indicas. Once I run out, I’m going to severely miss this cannabis oil if I have to resort to the junk that I get in our new home state.
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