When there is a shortage, medical patients will have first time access

It makes a lot of sense to get a medical marijuana card, even if you live in a state with recreational pot laws! There are a number of benefits to being a medical patient; First of all, you don’t have to spend our money as numerous taxes when you make purchases.

Some states have state, county, and local taxes and they add up undoubtedly hastily.

Some of west coast counties charge 36% taxes on pot supplies, but you don’t have to spend our money most of those fees with a medical marijuana card; If there is ever a shortage of weed, medical patients will have first choice and access at all times, then another fantastic reason to get your card is because the daily purchase limits are higher. If you find a fantastic deal, you can stock up on products, but having a medical card means being able to grow and harvest as well. I started growing marijuana plants shortly after I got our medical card. I live in a state that legally allows me to grow and cultivate up to numerous plants of our own. I have never grown that numerous plants at 1 time. I would not guess what to do with that much bud. I have many seedlings and many youth plants at all times; Each 1 of the plants can yield about a pound of marijuana flower. I share with our friends and family, and I still have plenty of buds left to freeze and store for weeks, and with so numerous attractive perks, there is absolutely no reason not to obtain a medical card.
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