A cannabis dispensary in the senior citizen community

I appreciate outdated people! I am in my 20s, however since I was a kid I consistently felt a kinship towards the elederly.

  • I would volunteer at the local outdated folks condo just to chill with him, and that started because of my Grandma Ruby, however even after she passed I kept coming back, as funny as it may sound, some of my best friends from my teenage years were 70 years old! Now I am knee deep in building my own job, and I am spending just as much time with senior citizens as ever, however my genius method was to open a cannabis dispensary inside a large retirement community, but for one reason or another, a lot of senior citizens either have a prescription for medical marijuana, or access to getting such a prescription, believe it or not, a lot more outdated people are cool with cannabis than young people think.

These afternoons the pot field revolutionaries of the 60s and 70s are getting old, however that doesn’t mean they don’t care about smoking cannabis! By putting a cannabis dispensary in or near an outdated folks community ,it disaffixs their largest obstacle to acquiring legal marijuana — getting there! Many of these people can’t drive, so if they can shuffle across the street, or drive their golf cart, right up to the cannabis dispensary, you suppose they will come in droves! My corporation model not only allows me to serve the senior citizen community, however my cannabis dispensary is really profitable, and best of all I get to hang out with outdated people all day!



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