A focus group for cannabis advertising

When you work in advertising, you need to have a combination of business acumen and artistic flair.

Being creative isn’t good enough, because that doesn’t necessarily drive sales.

Using creativity to generate interest, and then converting that interest into profits, is the key to a successful ad campaign. Sometimes this involves taking risks, and risks don’t always work out. For my latest campaign, I needed a big idea because this was the largest cannabis dispensary in the state. I decided to do a little market research with a focus group, because me getting blitzed on Purple Haze or Blue Dream would only lead to me taking a nap, not getting a good idea. It’s true that eating pizza helps with thinking about a pizza campaign, but the same is not true for cannabis. For me smoking marijuana has only ever made me sleepy, so while I love it, it isn’t exactly a performance-enhancing drug in my line of work. Instead I went to the closest cannabis dispensary and I recruited a dozen people of different ages, races, and genders. I bought two hundred bucks worth of OG kush and edibles, and dragged those people to my conference room to pick their brains for advertising purposes. I did not partake in any of the cannabis, I assure you, but it turns out sitting in a room with 12 people smoking out leads to a pretty intense contact high. All of the second OG kush smoke got me super high, and I ended up falling asleep through the rest of the focus group meeting.



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