Can cannabis really help with pain?

When I was younger, I would often volunteer at a shelter where the elderly came for some assistance.

There was one old woman who was a regular, and different from anyone I had ever met there.

She had a lot of hip pain and you could tell by how she walked, when she hurt the worst. When I hadn’t seen her for a couple weeks, I began to get worried. I had to make sure she was okay. A couple days after I resolved to find her, she came into the shelter. I had never seen her walking so well, or looking so much younger. I asked if she had been sick because she was away for so long. She began gushing over the doctor who had helped her, and the pain was finally bearable. She said that there was a doctor downstairs who had come to visit her family. When they met, the doctor insisted she come downstairs with her, and she would help her to feel better. The first thing she did was give Maggie a glass of root beer and put some drops of liquid into the root beer. She gave Maggie some lotion to rub into her hip and said that if she needed something for pain, she could take two pills before bedtime. I told Maggie that it sounded like CBD and she was lucky it was legal. Maggie laughed and retorted that she did not care if it was CBD or THC, or if it was legal or not. She was walking again and that was all that mattered to her.


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