Cannabis is totally helping my father

My father has basically always suffered from exhausting anxiety.

When my brother and I were substantially younger, my father did not appreciate us leaving the dwelling at all.

He never went to our sports games or dance recitals. He never took us to the grocery store or a birthday gathering for pals. My brother and I genuinely did not understand what was going on with our mother until we were a great deal older. My father started seeing a therapist on a regular basis after he got a divorce. The therapist told my father that he had severe anxiety. The healthcare worker recommended various ways to help with the anxiety. One thing that the healthcare worker recommended was meditation. My father does not appreciate when things are still and quiet, so meditation wasn’t working. The healthcare worker recommended medical marijuana and my father was entirely surprised. I easily told my father that various healthcare workers prescribe medical marijuana for anxiety reasons. It wasn’t entirely a surprise, since medical marijuana is legal in our state. My father was honestly concerned about most people in the community discovering that he was using drugs. I reminded my father that marijuana wasn’t a drug if it was medically prescribed by the healthcare worker. The reasoning was actually enough to get my father to try medical marijuana. I went to a dispensary with my father and they let me come along when he went through the door to see a budtender. The budtender was especially helpful and expertiseable and gave my father a lot of interesting things to try to help with the anxiety issues. The budtender recommended various different medical marijuana strains. One of those strains is OG Kush. OG Kush is definitely my father’s number one item.


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