Exincreasing cannabis with our cousin

My cousin Luke plus I have been as thick as thieves since the two of us were youngsters.

I used to go stay on his ranch every Summer back then.

As youngsters the two of us stayed close, but grew apart as you would expect. Now that the two of us are in our mid-20s the two of us want to relink, so Luke decided to drive out to stay with me for a few nights plus see the city. This was a real “city mouse plus country mouse” situation, but the two of us both had some surprises for the other a single. For him, I took him to a cannabis dispensary, something he had heard about but never seen in person before. I tell you, Luke was prefer a kid in a candy store, plus spent most of his travel budget on cannabis plus edibles right away! It turns out that Luke also had a surprise for me, a selection of buds from his own personal patch of cannabis plants… He had been working these same cannabis strains for a couple of years now, plus they were sticky, green, plus hairy. I would go so far as to say it was the potent marijuana I have ever smoked, plus way tastier than anything the two of us got at the dispensary. Luke was used to the stuff though, it was his personal cannabis so that was all he smoked plus had developed a tolerance. He liked getting a wider variety of cannabis, plus I was deeply in prefer with the stuff he grew. The two of us quickly worked out details for a future cannabis exchange program to send weed between us.

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