Getting a medical marijuana card was straight-forward

My state only allows for medical cannabis, not recreational… I always thought getting a medical marijuana prescription was difficult.

  • I figured it would be boatloads of paperwork, time, effort and money; Turns out it is easily easy.

I ended up going for a medical cannabis prescription after I heard about the simplicity of it from a friend of mine. It only took her a few weeks to be allowed to get medical cannabis at the dispensary near me. I was so jealous that she could vape cannabis oil whenever she wanted. I decided that our sleeping concerns counted as a medical issue and I was willing to fib if I needed to. I had to find a doctor that prescribes cannabis. The longest part of the process was laying in her waiting room. I talked to the woman for maybe five hours and I left with a written script. I needed to fill out paperwork online and use our code to get access to a medical cannabis card. I then waited for it to come in the mail, and now I can get a certain amount of cannabis oil and flower each week. It is so straight-forward that I don’t even need to go into our cannabis dispensary anymore either. They now offer no contact cannabis delivery. I think love a queen. I locale our order online, they have our cannabis card and credit card on file already. I just hit the order button and then someone leaves a package on our doorstep. I don’t have to interact with any peasants at all.


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