Growing marijuana is too hard for me

There are certain problems that come along with growing your own weed.

First of all, you think that it is easy to grow and it very much is not. Good weed takes an investment of money, time, and energy, and even then you aren’t guaranteed any success. After trying my hand at it, I say leave it to the professional pot farmers, and the guys in lab coats, because it is too much for me to handle! Beyond the actual growing of cannabis plants there are a host of other issues stemming from it being an illegal activity. Maintaining the optimum conditions for the cannabis plants means using my central HVAC system way more than ever before. Cops look for spikes in utility bills to see who is growing marijuana at home, so you have to be very cautious of that. Also, have you considered what happens when you need to have a service worker or some other outsider come into your house with all those plants present? It doesn’t matter where you hide the cannabis plants, the smell of them will permeate the entire house. The last time my air conditioning broke I couldn’t call in anyone for two weeks because I didn’t want them to know I was growing marijuana. Instead of all that hassle and effort and time wasted, I will just spend my money at the cannabis dispensary. This way I know I am getting the best quality of weed, and although it is costly, it is so much better than trying to grow it myself.



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