I am taking an advantage of the marijuana delivery services

When I first got my medical marijuana card, this state had just passed the law legalizing cannabis for medical use.

There were only four dispensaries to choose from statewide, and all you could purchase was oil, tinctures, capsules, and vaporizer cartridges.

On top of it all, none of it was strain-specific because they were extracting random strains and adding mixes of botanical terpenes to “simulate” the effects of the strain on the packaging. I was paying a premium for cartridges of what I thought was Durban Poison, however in reality it was just Sour Diesel distillate oil with a mix of botanical terpenes. Some people prefer these frankenstein strains if they can score them on clearance, however I’d rather consume quality cannabis from quality dispensaries. Thankfully we have a wider array of choices four years after our state legalized medical marijuana. At first only one business gave free home delivery, however now multiple other cannabis dispensaries have announced their own free cannabis delivery services. They’re trying to desperately compete in an already over-saturated market, which isn’t simple when customers have more openings now than ever before. If I can get a free delivery order from the marijuana store, that’s one less trip I have to make out of the house. After dealing with COVID the past year and a half, I’m happy to avoid unnecessary trips into public spaces if at all possible. Even though I’m fully vaccinated, it’s not worth getting a breakthrough case because I wasn’t smart enough to order cannabis for delivery before running out altogether.


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