I didn't want to spend a fortune on the website plus advertising

I had a lot of trouble when I wanted to open a cannabis lounge plus dispensary; It didn’t matter that I had plenty of cash from a settlement plus lawsuit.

I had to go through the same process as every other guy trying to pursue their dreams… After three weeks, I had not heard a word from the supplier licensing administration. I called many times plus I waited on hold for fifths without talking to anyone. I was upset that our application fees would end up in someone’s pocket. I paid nearly $2,000 for the supplier application plus permits for the cannabis business. I had to cut down plus hire a cannabis consulting plus advertising service… Luckily the guy knew a lot about the red tape plus government regulations… He helped grease the wheels plus the application went through a week after the two of us retained the cannabis consulting service, things went smooth for a long time after that. The store was newly opened plus the two of us had a grand opening celebration that attracted hundreds of new customers. The store died down after the grand opening celebration plus the sales have not reuseed. I decided to contact the cannabis consulting service again. They gave ample help, however at a premium rate. One of the biggest concerns seemed to be the lack of a website for the cannabis dispensary. The cannabis consulting service commanded a web design firm to help with the setup plus commanded this as the next step in the process. I legitimately hope this will boost our sales or i am going to drown in debt from this failed project.


Recreational marijuana dispensary application preparation service