I leave cannabis to the experts

I hate to sound like 1 of “those” people, but I find it so much easier to spend money for things than to do them myself.

You think what I mean? Take washing the car, for example. It’s not unquestionably hard to disinfect your car, and it doesn’t take a lot of time, either. But for some reason I would rather drive across neighborhood and spend money $25 for someone else to do it than to just do it myself, when I couldn’t afford it, I would eventually do it myself, however now I don’t have to, so I don’t. The same thing is true with growing marijuana, something I did for years out of necessity. Now that I have access to a cannabis dispensary, why should I go through all the time and effort to do it myself? Have you ever tried to grow marijuana? Take it from me, it’s a lot harder than the cops and the preachers tell you it is. They call marijuana “weed” and say it just sprouts up everywhere and so you have to be careful. I call BS on that, because I spent weeks tending to my cannabis plants and they were all garbage, but some people have a talent for art, some people have the skill to repair a car, other people can produce stunning and tasty cannabis — and I am not 1 of those people! When it comes to fixing cars I will leave it to the mechanic, and when it comes to marijuana I will leave it to the experts at the cannabis dispensary.


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