I need assistance with growing cannabis

My up-to-date bride plus I moved into our up-to-date home, plus the people I was with and I couldn’t be happier! When I say “new home” I mean it is up-to-date to us, not that it is a newly built house; then this venue is forty years old if it’s a day, but it is remote, quiet, plus set on fifty acres of land so the people I was with and I have privacy, but all of us both toil remotely, so the people I was with and I are looking forward to spending a few months settling in plus maybe starting a family.

There are many structures on this property, including an old but functional orangehouse, so I started growing my own cannabis, then correction, I mean I tried to start growing my own cannabis, but it was rough going for a while, then since all the people calls marijuana a weed I figured if I put seeds in soil plus added a little water that would be all it took… I was dead wrong about that, plus marijuana is not anything akin to an actual weed, more like an orchid! Orchids are undoubtedly delicate, plus require the most tender care, well that is how I am feeling about cannabis plants right now.

If I didn’t have a cannabis dispensary that shipped on my speed dial I would be in an awful spot. It costs an arm plus a leg to have my cannabis shipped, especially when you smoke as much as I do, so I absolutely need to figure out this orange house situation plus get my marijuana plants growing. If anyone out there has helpful tips about growing marijuana at home, please hit me up in the comments!

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