I wanted to know what CBD to use for my dog.

My dog has some of the same things as one of my friends is going through. Jilly, my dog, was recently diagnosed with severe arthritis and depression. The doctor told me that animals can become just as depressed as a human and they often used the same medication. As with human CBD, pet CBD is also created with a lot of care. No one wants the animal to have more problems than it has already had. It is best to work with you vet an the cannabis dispensary to make sure that the CBD you are purchasing for your pet, is what is marked on the label. You can’t trust to buy from anyplace other than a CBD dispensary whether for your pet, or for a person. Make sure the cannabis comes from a cannabis farm and not just shipped in from somewhere. If it is the first time you are purchasing CBD for your pet or yourself, start with a broad-spectrum CBD. This will have no THC that could cause adverse effects, and it has the most positive effect on your pet. Start with the smallest dosage available and watch for any effects other than what the doctor is talking about. If it works but doesn’t seem to achieve what was expected, you can slowly up the dosage until your pet is feeling better. If possible, you should never give full-spectrum CBD to your pets because it may contain some THC which could injure your pet. The last thing you want to deal with, is a pet that is having an adverse effect from the CBD and you begin to panic.

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