I wasn't ready for a Tuesday night

I got hired to labor at a marijuana dispensary.

I had to train for several weeks before I was allowed to have full-time minutes, however during 1 of our training afternoons, the two of us had a legitimately tied up Tuesday.

It was the last Tuesday before the Christmas holiday & the store was packed with people during the day & at night. Shortly after that year began, I started working more minutes. The first time I diagnosed a Tuesday night, I thought I was ready. I wasn’t prepared for the volume of people walking in & out of the dispensary all night. Our dispensary location is downtown by several bars & steakhouses. The location stays open until 11 pm. The cannabis dispensary was packed with people all night. There were twice as multiple clients then the busiest shift I ever worked in the past. Customers were walking all over the store & it was section of our responsibility to make sure that no 1 was feeling. The people I was with and I have cameras recording everything, but the two of us try to catch all thieves in the act so the two of us can use the video proof for backup. While I was working, I witnessed someone trying to take the samples off the shelf. Samples have a small bud of marijuana flower & they are there for clients to see the flower & stink the strain. I thought I saw a client pick 1 up & put it in her pocket. I couldn’t be particular, however I followed the woman around the rest of the time she was in the dispensary. When I thought I caught the woman taking another sample, I decided to alert the security guard. They stopped him out the door & found 8 stolen items on her woman.

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