I wasn’t sure what to expect with CBD edibles.

I had no idea why people thought cannabis and CBD edibles were so good.

I couldn’t believe how my friends were raving about the edibles they had recently picked up.

They told me they were CBD and perfectly safe. She handed me two gummies. I didn’t notice any difference in the taste, and I wasn’t feeling any overwhelming change in my mood. About an hour later, it felt like someone had almost knocked me behind my knees. Then a feeling of calm unlike any I had felt in years, suddenly came over me. I suddenly felt like anxiety was a thing of the past. When I woke up the next morning, I wasn’t bothered by what was going on at work, and I wasn’t feeling stressed with achy shoulders. I looked into the CBD to see if I could find more information. I called my friend and asked why she had all the CBD available for anyone who had a problem? She told me she had a full cabinet of CBD products, including tinctures, concentrates, and pills. She also had several types of CBD edibles. That’s when she said that she has always suffered from depression and anxieties. Her dad gave her CBD, which at that point were sold as health and wellness supplements. Her dad took every vitamin and supplement he could find, and was often too full for food. Apparently, she had noticed how uptight I was the other night. She gave me the CBD supplements so I could relax a little and feel better. She told me exactly where I could pick up the CBD. I’m sure that after a while, the CBD will have done its trick, and I won’t need it for anxiety any longer.