It was my first time at the CBD dispensary.

For the last year, my sister has been trying to talk me into going to the cannabis dispensary with her.

  • No matter how many times she asked, I always had an excuse to stay home.

After a while, she finally gave up asking and left me alone. Unfortunately, it was after she quit asking that I noticed an itchy rash coming out all over my skin. I went to the pharmacy and showed them what I had and asked for some cream. What they gave me helped to get rid of the itch, but the rash was only worsening. It was getting so bad that I had to wear long sleeve shirts and long skirts to cover my body. I called to ask if my sister would take me to the cannabis dispensary with her the next time she went. . My sister started telling me that if it hadn’t been for Tony, the manager of the CBD dispensary, her skin would be worse than mine right now. Tony told me that I should get a topical and some edible products to hasten the effects of the CBD topical, and stop the spreading of my rash. Tony told me how the CBD products worked and offered a few free samples to try it before I put out the money for the full product. After using the samples for just three days, my itching was gone and I saw a big difference in my skin. I went back to get the full package of topical and edibles. He told me it would take about three weeks, but he was sure we had the right products that would allow me to show my skin again.
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