It would have been more fun with my friends

I absolutely and totally love my girlfriend. She is smart, sensitive, and sweet. She knows how to cook and she doesn’t mind keeping the house clean. She has a wonderful sense of humor. My girlfriend and I spend most of our time together. We moved into an apartment about six months ago. My friends didn’t want me to leave our apartment, but it was time for my girlfriend and I to take the next step. I got tickets to a football game on Sunday night and I only had one extra. My girlfriend thought it was perfect for the two of us to go together, so I wouldn’t have to choose only one of my best friends. It made sense, but I didn’t expect to have much fun with my girlfriend. I decided to take a marijuana vape pen with me, just in case the game was more stressful than fun. I thought the security guard was going to Pat me down and confiscate the marijuana vape pen, but he allowed us to walk right through the gate without asking any questions. Once my girlfriend was inside the stadium, we found our seats and grabbed a couple of beers. While I was in the bathroom, I hit the marijuana vape pen two or three times. I had a small buzz when I walked out of the bathroom. I had fun with my girlfriend during the game, but she asked questions the entire time and I spent more time explaining the game than actually watching any of it. I really would have had a lot more fun with my friends.


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