It’s a good thing that my mother is using medical cannabis

My mom has regularly suffered from horrendous anxiety.

When my sibling plus I were little ones, my mom did not savor to leave the apartment at all.

She never went to our sporting events or dance recitals. She never took us to the grocery store or a birthday party for good pals. Of course, my sibling plus I did not understand what was happening with our mother until we became older. My mom began seeing a therapist always after she got a divorce. The therapist told my mom that she had really severe anxiety. The healthcare professional recommended many ways to help with the anxiety. One thing that the healthcare professional recommended was meditation. My mother genuinely does not love when things are still plus quiet, so meditation was not working at all. The healthcare professional recommended medical marijuana plus my mom was quite stunned… I told my mom that many healthcare professionals prescribe medical marijuana for anxiety. It wasn’t a surprise to me, since medical marijuana is legal in our state. My mom was distraught about pretty much everyone in the area finding out that she was using drugs. I reminded my mom that marijuana wasn’t a drug if it was medically prescribed by the healthcare professional. The reasoning was basically enough to get my mom to try medical marijuana. I went to a dispensary with my mom plus they let me tag-along when she went through the door to have a conversation with a budtender. The budtender was undoubtedly helpful plus expertiseable plus gave my mom a pretty good amount of interesting things to try to help with the anxiety. The budtender recommended all sorts of interesting medical marijuana strains. One of those strains is OG Kush. OG Kush is most definitely my mom’s number one these days.


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