My brother was smoking pot in the guest room

My brother and his boyfriend got into a huge argument and he decided to come stay with myself and others for a few days.

She wanted to stay with my mom, but he was getting ready for a celebration and didn’t have room for my brother or his drama.

Of course, that is not what he said to my brother but that is the truth. I have room at my house, so I didn’t mind letting my brother move in for a few days. A few days turned into a few weeks unquestionably abruptly. My brother was living in my home and he wasn’t working or trying to get a job. I came beach home from work a single morning and he was still sleeping at 2 p.m. I had a conversation with his about finding a site to work… But next month he found a job at a cannabis shop. I was ecstatic that my brother found a job, but I told his that I did not want any cannabis in my beach home at all. My brother agreed until a couple of days ago when I caught his smoking pot in the guest room. There was an awfully awful stench coming from under the door. I knocked and attempted to enter the room, but the door was locked. I didn’t even realize that my brother had sited a lock on the door. I told my brother to open the door or he needed to find a unusual site to live. I reminded my brother that I do not want any marijuana inside of my beach home and I told his to start looking for a site of his own.



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