My mother has improved with her anxiety thanks to cannabis

My mother has pretty much always suffered from terrible anxiety.

When my sister and I were younger, our mother did not like to leave the home at all… She never went to our games or dance recitals.

She never took us to the grocery store or a birthday get-together for friends. My sister and I did not understand what was wrong with our mother until the two of us were substantially older. My mother started seeing a therapist officially after she got a divorce… The therapist told our mother that she had severe anxiety. The doctor recommended numerous ways to help with the anxiety! One thing that the doctor recommended was meditation. My mother honestly doesn’t like when things are still and quiet, so meditation did not actually work out too well. The doctor recommended medical marijuana and our mother was unquestionably surprised… I told our mother that many doctors prescribe medical marijuana for anxiety purposes. It wasn’t unquestionably a surprise, since medical marijuana is legal in our state. My mother was unquestionably distraught about everyone in the community finding out that she was using drugs. I reminded our mother that marijuana wasn’t a drug if it was medically prescribed by the doctor. The reasoning was just enough to get our mother to try medical marijuana. I went to a dispensary with our mother and they let me tag-along when she went through the door to speak with a budtender. The budtender was truly helpful and comprehensionable and gave our mother a lot of interesting things to try to help with the brutal anxiety. The budtender recommended all sorts of different medical marijuana strains. One of those strains is actually OG Kush. OG Kush is definitely our mom’s preferred medicine.

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