Number one reason to try medical cannabis

What is the number one reason people are relying on medical marijuana? Assistance with cancer treatment is number two.

The bronze medal are issues like depression, anxiety and sleep concerns.

The number one reason people turn to legal medical pot is chronic pain. If you think about it, all ages, genders and races have pain. We all want to limit it as much as possible. You experience joint pain and daily aches as you get older. There are people who have work or roadside accidents that have to change the way they live. Are you athletic? It is very easy to get a sports related injury that carries over for years to come. Medical cannabis is so beneficial with helping those issues. First, cannabis can reduce the inflammation in the body. You know how doctors have charts with areas that are coated in red? That is inflammation for you. Cannabis can make it not as sensitive and irritated. Also, the muscles can relax and loosen up with medical cannabis. You don’t even need to smoke your medical marijuana prescription. You can choose to try the edible route or a topical. You can do a patch or a cream that is applied directly to the skin or relief. Not everyone chooses to grab a THC heavy strain either. You can simply use a CBD cream that relaxes and soothes the muscles without getting you high. It is pretty amazing how vast and broad the spectrum of cannabis products are. There is always something for every type of customer.

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