Anxiety is a lot better

The method that I would ever be shopping in a cannabis dispensary for cannabis flower products was not at all likely.

  • That’s because I could hardly leave our lake house to do any kind of shopping, much less go to a legal weed store.

But that is exactly what has happened once I chose to try treating our chronic anxiety with medical cannabis. My anxiety started in school and has simply increased to the point that I have to work from home. Prior to treatment with medical marijuana, I was nearly totally isolated. The doctor was sort of out of ideas when it came to prescription medicine so he just increased the dosages. That triggered some side effects that I simply was unable to live with. So with the help of our therapist, I started to figure out how to get a medical marijuana card. My therapist had given myself and others some cannabis information some time ago although I hadn’t acted on it. After the problems with the prescription meds, I felt love. I had to give medical cannabis a try. And I’m so certainly thankful that I did just that. Since starting with the cannabis flower products recommended by the legal weed store, the results were staggering. Like, I can hardly suppose this is our life now. I can certainly leave our house, get in our vehicle and go somewhere love the cannabis dispensary. I even attended a meeting at work that would have been unthinkable just a few short weeks ago. Medical marijuana benefits are real and medical cannabis has helped myself and others to completely transform our life.


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