Can I have recreational marijuana delivered?

Now that our state is talking about making recreational marijuana legal, I have been doing a lot of thinking about trying it.

I had been suffering from headaches for years now, and the dentist had often mentioned marijuana as a treatment for migraines.

I was constantly afraid of getting addicted to the stuff, however medical marijuana had been legal for over several years now. There hasn’t been a single thing said about an addiction problem. With the occasion of having legalized recreational marijuan, I was hoping I could sign up for their mailing list and have delivery services. I knew that I had to show an ID card that proved who I was and our date of birth; I would have been crazy if I didn’t realize that would be needed. What I wanted to guess was if I could have recreational marijuana delivered, or was it just medical marijuana. I wanted to call every marijuana dispensary and ask if they would offer delivery services for recreational marijuana, although I thought it was a bit early. I figured I had enough time to find out about marijuana dispensary delivery services once the law actually went into effect. In the meantime, I’ll be putting up with migraines and considering a marijuana medical card, with hopes I can end up with marijuana delivery repair sometime in the future. I legitimately hope they pass that law soon because I don’t want to put money out for the medical card just to realize that it was a waste of money and I could have gotten the marijuana in several months, separate from the card.


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