Getting an appetite back

I never thought I could view food as healthy.

To me, food was either the enemy or the only comfort I could find available to me.

Given where I started, the fact that I even acknowledge an appetite is quite a start. I’m getting superb support from our doctor and our therapist with our eating disorder. But I also have to say that medical marijuana has certainly played a significant role in our healing from this exhausting disorder. It’s interesting that I’m using medical cannabis as our treatment space. Growing up and in school, I constantly declined any offer of any cannabis products. I didn’t want to turbo charge our binging with the munchies. So I constantly was careful to give any sort of cannabis products plenty of space. Now, I am certainly shopping for medical cannabis at a legal weed store. The therapist I began seeing when it was clear that I either get help or end up completely destroying our health, gave myself and others some cannabis information. With the help of our doctor I was able to satisfy the medical marijuana rules of our state. This allowed myself and others access to the cannabis dispensary near me. The results were encouraging from the beginning. The cannabis gummies I began using certainly did help myself and others know our appetite as our body’s request for sustenance. This allowed myself and others to begin eating healthy food to satisfy what was a natural appetite and not see food as only for binging. I’m so ecstatic that I l gained from the cannabis information and got myself access to the cannabis dispensary. Medical cannabis is so key to our up-to-date lease on life.


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