Good CBD uses and medical things

I went to the medical professional to get my medical marijuana card.

  • After all the waiting and the substantial sum I had to pay for the card, he told myself and others I would get more relief from CBD than the actual marijuana.

He explained that I would get quality CBD from the marijuana dispensary, however separate from the medical card, I couldn’t get into the marijuana dispensary. All the medicinal properties I needed for my pain were in the CBD and not in the THC. When I received my card in the mail and got to the marijuana dispensary, I asked why I couldn’t just get my CBD over the counter. The budtender said it would be cheaper, however it wouldn’t be CBD from marijuana. He said that if I learn the pleaseds, it would simply state that it was CBD from hemp, however not all hemp had the same amount of medicinal properties. Marijuana in the dispensaries was grown on marijuana farms and carefully tended to with the highest of care. They had quality marijuana that was carefully grown to preserve the purest of CBD. Although CBD from hemp was CBD, the amount of medicinal properties was not constantly the best. You didn’t know if you were going to get byproducts or impurities from the processing. I couldn’t assume him when he told myself and others that anything bought on the internet or in travel centers could be nothing however CBD hemp with no medicinal properties, however still with a high price. I enjoyed his explanation for why I should get a medical marijuana card and come to the dispensary for my CBD, although I would rather if they regulated all CBD, no matter where it was sold.

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